busy bee

It’s been a pretty crazy weekend. Friday was insane. Went shopping at TRU for some presents. Bought some corn and cranberries. Prepped my turkey. It’s the first time I’ve used fresh. So much easier than frozen but it costs a bit more. I didn’t want to mess around with herb butter so I thought I’d keep it moist by giving it a bacon blanket:


Saturday started way early. But all I had to do was stick the turkey in the oven and make mashed potatoes and gravy. It turned out moist and delicious although it needed a little salt.


The bacon was amazing. The only real problem was the grease. There was so much!

While waiting for the turkey, I made a leaping blocks and stripes hat for my cousin. I used Lion Brand wool ease in forest green, loden and avocado. Does it look like camouflage?


It was a pretty quick make. I finished it in around 6 hours…not too bad and it looks good. My mom hooked me up with this model head. I shall call him Kevin.

I asked and the lovely R bought me these:

AnniversaryI don’t need jewelry or anything fancy. I’m so happy with my stash! Woo…two Miyazaki items and two Makoto Shinkais.

I have been meaning to get the 5 CM Per Second book forever. I’ve been in love with this movie for so long. I read it in one sitting but was a little dismayed at the epilogue. My suggestion: skip the epilogue.

The Wind Rises is the latest video release from Studio Ghibli. It’s a story about the man who design a Japanese fighter plane during WWII. Kinda weird cause on the one hand, it’s about making a weapon but on the other hand, the characters are anti-war. Of course, it’s beautifully drawn like all Miyazaki movies.

Ni No Kuni is a collaboration between Level-5, makers of the Professor Layton franchise, and Studio Ghibli. I’m usually a Nintendo fan but for this, I shall make an exception. Yeah!

The Garden of Words is a short. I haven’t seen it yet but have high hopes for it.


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