yet another arctic blast


A scarf based on the leaping blocks and stripes pattern from mooglyblog, I used LB wool ease in cranberry, mustard and paprika. I used a shell edging on the ends instead of fringe. What can I say, I’m adventurous like that.


I made this using my favorite crochet stitch, the hdc, with Vickie Howell’s Sheep(ish) yarn in Punk(ish) and Plum(ish). I kinda hate(ish) the name of this yarn. It tries too hard, don’t you agree? Speaking of Vickie Howell, she took over as host of Knitting Daily from Eunny Jang. I gotta say I’m not crazy about the new series. I don’t like the too casual vibe it has and I completely hate the whole ‘Space to Space’ bit and the useless Tools of the Trade. Plus, Eunny was really good at showing/teaching new techniques.


This is the first hat I’ve made using cotton yarn. Well, a cotton blend…I picked Knitpicks’ Shine worsted weight in French Blue and White. The pattern is theirs also and it’s called Laniferous Hat. I ended up using two strands of the yarn to get the right weight called for in the pattern. The finished product is a little hefty and stretchy. I hope it’ll fit and wash okay. I actually had planned on a Frankenstein hat where I was going to use three different patterns but that didn’t turn out. Back to the drawing board.


My first try at the Laniferous Hat. I used two strands of LB wool ease in cranberry and gold and followed the pattern. This turned out way too small. Good news! It fits my 4-year-old nephew with room to grow. Bad news: if you’ve got an adult-sized melon, you’d be out of luck. It’s really tricky to do patterns with different kinds of yarn…so difficult to gauge how much of an increase to do. Trying this one again…try to remember to do jogless stripes and avoid laddering.


Lastly, more leaping blocks and stripes hats for the future Laneites in my life. Again, I think sizing is an issue. Made with Knitpicks’ Superwash Wool of the Andes. So maybe the sizes will be okay. Stuff I’ve made with superwash wool have tended to get big.


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